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University of Toronto

28 March 2017

Toronto, Canada

The University of Toronto – UWC International Scholar Awards are renewable scholarships awarded to three UWC students annually on the basis of merit.

These awards reflect the alignment between the UWC movement and the University of Toronto’s (U of T) global mission and values. Chief among the university’s internationalisation priorities is providing its students, representing 170 countries and regions, with the skills they need to tackle current and future global challenges through a transformative education on its campuses.

The University of Toronto is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world according to every major international ranking. It attracts top minds from every conceivable background and discipline to collaborate on the world’s most pressing challenges. Its student body, alumni networks, and varied partnerships are uniquely global, fostering experiences and opportunities that drive innovation, creativity, discovery, and solutions to critical global problems.

  • Eligibility is restricted to international students who require a study permit to study in Canada.
  • Candidates must be final-year students attending a UWC school and college (or have completed their studies in the preceding calendar year - candidates from Waterford Kamhlaba UWC only).
  • The applying candidates must apply for and be offered admission to the University of Toronto in respect of its annual application deadlines for a full-time undergraduate degree programme of study at the University of Toronto.
  • University of Toronto - UWC International Scholar Awards are subject to the international scholarship terms and conditions of the awarding U of T division/ faculty.

Eligible UWC students will be automatically considered for the University of Toronto - UWC International Scholar Awards on the basis of merit when they complete their application for admission to the U of T on or before the early November deadline. Three Awards will be granted annually by the university’s participating undergraduate faculties/ divisions. The Awards will be offered upon admission and are valued at 100,000 CAD distributed over four consecutive years or until degree completion, whichever comes first.

Applications and admissions process

For details on the U of T application and admission process, visit: or contact the University Counsellor at your UWC school.

Further information

Find out more about the University of Toronto by visiting: or reach out to Sagebelle Wu: or the University Counsellor at your UWC school.