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3 September 2018

Hosting Dinners with Global Leaders is a non-profit organization founded in 2016. We are entirely student-run. We organize and host small dinners with eight high school students from underserved communities and a global leader. 

Dinners have been held across the world with guests such as the President of SpaceX, co-founder of Twitter, US Ambassador to NATO, Executive Director of UN Women, Deputy Mayor of London, former CEO of Yahoo, members of the Obama Administration, TimesUp founder and many more. 

Students are recommended and selected from a network of scholar organizations, including College Track, One Goal, KIPP, and SEO.  All meal costs are covered by grants and private donations. We have held dinners in partnership with the Global Parliament of Mayors, Watson Institute at Brown University, Skoll World Forum at Oxford, Harvard University, and the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. changes the status-quo by matching high achieving high school students from disadvantaged communities with world leaders for an intimate exchange of ideas and stories over a meal.  

Members of the UWC alumni community are invited to become ‘Mouthful Representatives’ and attend dinners with the students. If you are a UWC alum and are interested in joining a Mouthful dinner, please contact us at

Mouthful is actively seeking UWC alumni and students to support expanding the Mouthful network to new locations and to recruit new guests. 

To find out more, visit their website here.