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Art Auction

29 March 2017

In April 2016, UWC Robert Bosch students Liza and Alexa organized an art exhibition where they auctioned pieces of art created by the students themselves and other people from the local community. They managed to collect 800 euro, which were donated to Porto Amal, a refuge for young refugee girls who come unaccompanied to Europe, where they are given educational, physical and psychological support. The art auction money was used by the center to pay for translating the academic transcripts of the girls.

“I am Alexa Naima Gahler from France/Germany and I’m a second year at UWCRBC. Personally I’m not a great artist and I never really had the opportunity to express myself through visual arts. Yet, organizing the art auction allowed me to display my values, e.g. an equal access to education, through paintings. I am truly grateful for this amazing experience”.

“My name is Liza Clairagneau, I am a second year at UWCRBC from Rwanda. I consider myself to be a strong advocate of intersectional feminism and it is one of the reasons why the art auction meant so much to me”.

“We both believe in the right for women to be exposed to different opportunities and to receive a better education. The intersectionality of gender inequalities and coming from a conflict zone is something these young girls had to face from a young age, and if we could do anything to help out, we should and we are glad we did”.

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