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UWC Student Community “No Drive Day”

29 March 2017

LEAF GC (Local Environment Action Force Global Concern) is one of the environmental communities of UWCSEA. It aims to promote sustainable practices and advocate environmental awareness on campus. LEAF continually works to increase awareness of environmental causes. We have recently worked with Sodexo in introducing environmentally-friendly cornware in the school canteen, established a No Plastics campaign for United Nations Evening and initiated a No Drive Day for the entire campus to promote eco-friendly transport. LEAF hopes to continue maintaining environmental mindfulness through creative and sustainable initiatives. 

In 2013, LEAF Day began with a 'No Drive Day' where everyone who doesn’t take the school bus was encouraged to take a greener form of transport to get to school, whether it was walking, biking, hopping or busing, instead of a car or taxi. We were extremely pleased to see a vacant driveway at the usual peak hour, counting only 280 cars out of the usual 700. Following the success of our first ‘No Drive Day’, there are now plans to make this a more regular event; the next one was held on Wednesday, 29 May. This will hopefully encourage more students and teachers to take a greener form of transport more often, if not every day.

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