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UWC SEA Student Campaigning Against Haze

29 March 2017

Gauri Shukla , a Grade 8 student in UWC SEA has launched a SOS (students of Singapore) campaign against Haze. Gauri recalled last year’s haze crisis in Indonesia and its neighbors in Southeast Asia as “appalling”, and felt obliged to look at the deeper causes of the haze. “We as consumers are responsible for the haze. I think that it is necessary for us to act, and so I have launched the SOS campaign to educate people about the causes of the haze, and help them find ways to reduce their usage of products from unsustainable sources.” she said.

As part of the campaign, Gauri opened a blog that contains information on the causes of haze, links to information on sustainable palm oil and paper products, and alternatives. She also successfully lobbied some food provider of UWC SEA to stop using unsustainable palm oil.

Although the haze is temporarily absent [in Singapore], we can’t wait for governments to take action, or for someone else to make the change. All of us need to pitch in to work towards sustainability, by addressing the crux of the matter.” Gauri said.

To read her blog here.

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