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UWC Day - UWC Red Cross Nordic

21 September 2018

21 September, 2018 - Day of service and activity

* Talk: UWC RCN – a Reason to Celebrate? Board Member Ivar Lund-Mathiesen tells about the work to establish UWC RCN as a College for Peace, and initiates the process for our 25th Anniversary in 2020 (Arne)
* Connecting with the UWC Movement - The Hub (Edmund)
* What if? & Why not? Introduction to a 30-day challenge around climate change
(Judit and Challenge team)
* Clean up in Dale (Judit)
* Isla – Theatre and Dance Performance for UWC RCN and Dale vgs
students in Fjalerhallen provided by the Cultural Schoolbag (Laila)
* The Most Important Questions of our Time? Hari Tamang shares impressions from his journey to the Arctic and inspiration from joining the Future Talks Team (Arne)
* Peace Jamboree in the Høegh, with SAFUGE Café (Maria Teresa) Open Mic event hosted by the Feminist Club