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UWC Day - UWC Mostar

22 September 2018

22 September, 2018 - "Around the World in 80 Minutes"

"Around the world in 80 minutes" - a public event and presentation of countries, traditions and cultures of students from 72 countries of the world.

This includes traditional cuisine, music and dances on the main square in the city and a "gift passport" that every guest receives with names of all countries they have visited during the event. All guests and visitors have an opportunity to meet and learn more about cultures and traditions from all over the world and it is an annual event that brings together people from the entire city.

The event is an inspiration in itself for young people in a divided city to initiate their own projects and events where young people from all sides can gather, spend time together, learn new things and work together towards a better future and contribute to the development of a post-conflict society. The event is extremely well visited and popular in the City of Mostar and it is open for people of all ages who gladly participate and spend time with UWC Mostar family.