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UWC Day - Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA

13 September 2019

13-27 September

  • 13-15 September the members of the community will be video interviewed by the Link Group where they will answer two questions namely: 1) What is peace to you? 2) How would you describe a climate of change regarding peace? 
  • 18 September the edited video will be shared with the whole school during the assembly and an announcement about the plans for peace day will be shared. 
  • 25 September will be the UWC Peace Day assembly where there will be speeches, dances, poetry, and theatre performances. This will be followed by a thumbprint on a huge peace designed canvas of all the students. Then an aerial view photo of all the students and staff members arranged in the shape of a heart with the word "UWC" in the middle of the heart will be taken.
  • 25-27 September various students will take photos to be posted on Instagram in front of the Link Group Board which will be designed in Peace and Climate of Change decorations.