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UWC Day - UWC Mexico

21 September 2019

September - October 2019, nation wide climate change actions led by candidates for this year's selection process

At UWC México we have already started our selection process. To celebrate UWC Day we have asked the candidates to organize in their communities’ events to shine a light on climate change. We have made suggestions as to what they can do, among others: garbage collection in a park or school, plastic bottle collection and recycling, painting of public schools or backyards, plant/reforest a park or nearby desolated area. Participants will post pictures with the hashtag #UWCMexico #Cambiodeclima #Cambioclimatico #ImpactoUWC. The candidates that make it to the third stage of our selection process will have to present a two-pager describing their project, the result and attaching pictures. We expect that by doing it this way UWC Day might have an impact in 26 states across the country, with results and benefits at a local level.