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UWC Day - UWC Dilijan

15 September 2018

15-21 September, 2018 - Week of activities

It all starts on 15 September, when the entire UWCD community together with the Dilijan community is joining the World Cleanup Day.

On 17-Sep we are going to host the little ones of Dilijan for an educational cartoon screening and a discussion.

On 18-Sep we will organise a culinary workshop, where the participants are going to learn how to make gata, traditional Armenian pastry. The workshop is organised by Travel Foodie, our student-led CAS project aimed at exploring Armenian cuisine and learning to cook together with the local community.

On 19-Sep UWC Dilijan will host the Dilijan Community Center with the exhibition of hand made items by the local craftswomen.

On 20-Sep the UWC Dilijan students will participate in a regional dance festival. Later that day students will initiate a fun run marathon in Dilijan.

And finally, on 21-Sep we are hosting a peace conference to talk about, where students together with the youngsters from Dilijan are going to discuss the cultural diplomacy and peace. The eventful week will be concluded with a joint concert by UWC Dilijan and Dilijan music school students.

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