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28 March 2023

2022-2023 RUNNER-UPS

The Bin Project aims to tackle the problem of food waste in Singapore through the use of data analytics and behavioural economics. By installing cameras on food waste bins, the project will track and classify consumer plate waste using AI object recognition. The team will then analyse the patterns and trends within the collected data and investigate the underlying causes of these results. Drawing from behavioural economics, the hope is that they will then be able to create the ‘nudges’ needed to help change consumer choices. Already running in the UWC SEA (East) canteen, the Bin Project team hopes to expand the idea to canteens across Singapore. 

Team member, Hanming, explains why the interdisciplinary nature of the project is so important to its long-term success: 


"The interdisciplinary nature of the project stands out most to me. We combine technology, behavioural economics, entrepreneurship, and public education to create a sustainable system. This multifaceted initiative suits the complex issue of food waste: each branch of the project helps cover for the weaknesses of the other, thereby creating a resilient movement that can withstand challenges. Behind this project is an equally diverse team, including a range of personalities, passions, and perspectives. In addition, we are supported by an extensive network of experts, from teachers to kitchen managers. As our initiative grows and incorporates an increasing number of stakeholders, it becomes more stable and accepted in the wider community. With our commitment, the Bin project will steadily create visible, tangible differences.