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Precious Plastic / Pearson College UWC

31 October 2019

2019 Runner-Ups

Inspired by a Marine Science class in which the team took part in a beach clean up, the Precious Plastic team came face to face with the critical need for proper recycling practices, while simultaneously feeling disheartened by the lack of action taking place in the community to tackle this issue.

The result was a plan to build a small plastic recycling factory on campus - which the team has now successfully built with help from the funds they received from Young Aurora. The team also continues to meet during service hours and on weekends to collect plastic from the surrounding areas of the college, which are then recycled in the machine to produce beautiful products that the team are selling to generate profit to further fund the project. 

Describing their passion for the project, the team explain “we could not live with the UWC mission of creating a more sustainable future while knowing that tonnes of plastic were habitually being thrown out at our College. Even if our project can not solve the wider issue of plastic waste, we truly believe it can bring Pearson a step closer towards our ultimate goal of a sustainable future and we would be so proud if Pearson could also set an example for other schools and colleges in this regard.