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MedRangers / UWC Mahindra College

31 October 2020

2020 Runner-Ups

The MedRangers project started when a woman from Sadhana village told the team about her challenges in receiving medical assistance in rural areas. Further inquiry, through surveys and local mentors, revealed that medical malpractice in Mulshi-Taluka, caused by a lack of health education and medical assistance was worsened by socioeconomic, cultural, and infrastructural factors: Despite housing 68.4% of India's citizens, rural areas receive only 25% of India’s health infrastructure.

MedRangers aims to improve health outcomes in rural Mulshi-Taluka through preventive and diagnostic approaches.

Primarily, this is achieved by conducting educational workshops on the science, symptoms, and treatments of prevalent diseases, basic first-aid skill training, and health-insurance schemes for school staff and villagers, and by facilitating further medical training for Accredited Social Health Workers (ASHA). For diagnosis, the team will organise health camps in Mulshi-Taluka to further increase access to medical assistance. Their aim is clear: “We aspire to empower the local population to make independent and informed decisions about their health.” 

Speaking about what the team have learned so far with the project, team member Priyanka Chaharia shares: “While working on this project, I had the realisation that my will to contribute back to the community is not enough. We must work for what is desired by our stakeholders and not what we deem fit for them. We have to remain mindful that, when needed, sometimes the best thing we can do is to let our ideas go.