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HOPE / UWC Changshu China

31 October 2018

2018 winners

“HOPE” was founded in 2017 by UWC Changshu China students with the aim of promoting anti-sexual abuse education for children under 14 by directly delivering classes to local schools. 

The aim was to bring about change in four ways:

1) weekly local teaching delivered by professionally trained student lecturers
2) improving public policy by cooperating with the local government to build a
comprehensive child protection system
3) training teachers in remote areas through an online live teaching platform
4) conducting in-depth research on sexual abuse through interviews and surveys with various social groups, thus developing different solution sets to the issue depending on the different groups they work with. Another aim of this research was to enable the team to write informed and well-evidenced proposals to submit to National Congress, urging them to include child sexual abuse prevention education into the national curriculum.

In 2018 - the year in which they entered and won Young Aurora - Project HOPE successfully established a cooperative relationship with the Changshu government which agreed to ensure that all children aged 6-14 in Changshu would be covered by the training.