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26 April 2024

2023-2024 RUNNER-UPS

The project focuses on supporting individuals affected by substance abuse through community-based action and storytelling. By creating a youth network and raising awareness, the project aims to foster empathy and solidarity among Victoria’s youth.

Team member, Charvi, emphasises the power of youth involvement:


"I believe in our project because I feel that it has a lot of potential to positively impact the opioid crisis in the way that it approaches the issue. Its focus on the involvement of youth is a crucial part of what makes me believe in its success. Youth carrying a drive for change is something this project utilises and supports. Their involvement makes this project sustainable and long-term to help make a long-term positive change in the surrounding community. While discussing this approach, I learnt the importance of youth involvement. I noticed the impact I could have as a youth in my community."