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28 March 2023

2022-2023 WINNERS

This project addresses the issues caused by mounting levels of air pollution by finding effective ways to manage biowaste. Recognising that local communities in Yerevan (and cities worldwide) lack effective and sustainable systems for bio waste disposal, the Combili project creates small ‘urban garden’ models run by local children. The gardens turn biowaste, which contributes to toxic gas emissions, into fertile soil using modern composters. The project combines three core areas: education led by children who participate in workshops about gardening and composting; recreational - providing a community space for local people to enjoy; and a modern method of composting with tumblers taking 30-60 days to produce fertile soil. 

Speaking about her belief in the project, team member Satoe from Thailand notes:


"The beauty of this project is that it can be replicated globally. I believe in the strength of the idea that these small green pockets in each urban neighbourhood can bring about a major change in the mindset of the community. When our team went out to the capital to film the video, it changed me. We visited the massive rubbish dump, where we saw first-hand the overwhelming amount of waste and smelt the pungent scent of rotting waste. In my life, I was never exposed to something like this, so it had a big impact on me. I learnt that my understanding and exposure to global issues are limited, and it is the case for others as well. This made me want to promote this project even further to raise awareness of these issues."