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Beehive Divide / UWC East Africa

31 October 2020

2020 Winners

Beehive Divide is a project that aims to establish peaceful co-existence between the elephants and villagers in Sanya Hoyee village in Siha District, Tanzania. Due to its location, Sanya Hoyee encounters a human-elephant conflict where lives are lost and crops are destroyed. The team set out to build two protective, elephant-repelling barriers between the fields and elephant corridors - a beehive fence and a chilli fence with the ultimate aim of ensuring the protection of the endangered elephant species while enabling the Chagga community to thrive in both crop farming and beekeeping to increase food security and reduce poverty.

Six months down the line, the team have now completed the construction of 70 beehives from hardwood which will cover a 770 metre beehive fence ready to be erected in May 2021. The project will continue as a service initiative at UWC East Africa after the founding team members graduate. 

Reflecting on their involvement in the project so far, team member Mariam Jusabani from Tanzania says: “We started off with a very small plan and had never imagined getting to this stage, I have learned that with determination, even a small initiative can prove to positively impact countless lives.