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26 April 2024

2023-2024 RUNNER-UPS

The project addresses food insecurity and economic vulnerability in Maharashtra’s rural communities by implementing kitchen gardens and water filtration systems. This sustainable initiative empowers families to become self-sufficient, ultimately improving their quality of life. 

A team member, Karma, explains the importance of grassroots initiatives:


"My dedication to AquaRoots stems from a firm belief in the transformative impact of community-driven initiatives on breaking the cycle of poverty. In Mulshi Valley, witnessing families' struggles highlighted the necessity for comprehensive solutions. AquaRoots goes beyond providing immediate relief, empowering individuals through kitchen gardens and water filtration. This approach not only addresses food insecurity but also confronts water-related challenges, fostering improved health and economic stability. Small-scale projects like AquaRoots exemplify the profound change grassroots initiatives can bring to disadvantaged communities."