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Amaavasya / UWC Mahindra College

31 October 2018

2018 Runner-Ups

Amaavasya was founded to engage local communities in the surrounding UWC Mahindra College area, including men and boys, in a discourse around the stigma of menstruation in order to raise awareness around menstrual health and enable women to make informed choices regarding their menstrual practices. 

The students’ approach took into account the interdependent nature of the causes of menstrual stigma and poor menstrual hygiene. They identified and supported local changemakers in addressing the issue via context-appropriate interventions, thus building capacity in the community for an enduring, sustainable impact. Their aim was to tackle the issue using a twin track approach: an educational initiative co-designed and executed by local changemakers in line with a Human Centred Design (HCD) methodology, and the facilitation of access to sustainable menstrual products, such as menstrual cups and reusable pads.

Amaavasya continues as a student-led local impact initiative at UWC Mahindra College today. Currently the students are working with self-help groups in 4 villages in the Mulshi and Kolvan Valley, Maharashtra.