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Shelby M.C. Davis

10 June 2019

Davis-UWC Dare to Dream Programme


The Davis-UWC Dare to Dream Programme was launched in early 2018 through a pledge by Shelby Davis of over 100 million USD towards the UWC movement’s scholarship fund. From 2018 onwards, the donation will provide funding for 100 additional scholarships per year for students selected through UWC’s 159 national committees to attend one of the 17 UWC schools and colleges worldwide for their final two years of secondary education. 

The “Dare to Dream” programme celebrates an important wish voiced by the US philanthropist known for his engagement in the field of international education when making this gift: The 100 scholarships shall be granted to students from backgrounds in which they would usually not even dare to dream of a world-class education like that offered by UWC. 

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Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge

Shelby Davis launched the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge across the then 15 UWC schools and colleges in August 2015. This $15 million match-funding programme is intended to incentivise alumni and other donors to give back to the UWC movement and to foster sustainable alumni donor programs across the UWC schools and colleges. Each of the participating UWC schools and colleges benefits from US $1 million in new funding provided they register an overall increase in the number of alumni, parents, friends and family making gifts.

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“The world needs extraordinary leadership to navigate today’s complex challenges, tensions and conflicts, as well as to make the most of new opportunities. The UWC movement is ideally suited to provide such leaders and we are privileged to support it”

Shelby Davis, UWC Patron

Davis-UWC Scholars Program

The Davis-UWC Scholars Program provides scholarship support to UWC graduates to study at 94 selected partner US colleges and universities.

Launched in 2000 with five pilot universities - Princeton University, Colby College, College of the Atlantic, Middlebury College and Wellesley College - needs-based scholarships are awarded to every UWC graduate who has gained acceptance and matriculated at one of the participating universities and colleges. Shelby Davis, a long time UWC patron and former UWC-USA Head - Philip Geier - created the Davis-UWC Scholars Program to advance international and cross-cultural understanding on US college campuses and ultimately throughout the world. Since its inception, the program has provided scholarships to 7,686 scholars from over 150 countries and is the largest international scholarship program for undergraduates in the world.


“I would never have had the openness, the courage or the ability to transcend so many boundaries if not for my time at UWC and Middlebury. I am humbled and inspired by Shelby Davis’ legacy, and hope to do more in the future to pay it forward.”

Shen Pui Yoong (Malaysia, UWC-USA 2004- 2006)

Davis-Mahindra Scholarship Award

Each UWC school or college Head designates four outstanding scholarship students as Davis-Mahindra Scholars during their final UWC year.

The award was formerly known as the Davis International Scholarship Award – it was renamed in 2014 to reflect the commitment that Anand Mahindra has made to supporting the UWC movement. All Davis-Mahindra Scholar laureates are proven leaders of high character who are motivated high achievers and have great development potential in their school Head's estimation. In the last academic year 56 UWC second year scholars were granted this honour. All UWC schools and colleges are encouraged to use these grants for scaling up their alumni engagement and fundraising functions.