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Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge continues into its fourth year

28 November 2018

Seven schools claim more than USD $3.6m in the third year of the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge with UWC ISAK Japan, UWC Changshu China and UWC Costa Rica completing the challenge by unlocking the total match funding of USD $1m available for eligible gifts.

UWC is delighted to announce the third year results of the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge.

The Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge was established by UWC Patron Shelby Davis in August 2015, to encourage UWC alumni and other supporters to take ownership of UWC’s future by becoming regular donors. As an incentive, Davis offered USD $1m to each of UWC’s then 15 schools and colleges, which could be claimed once the school or college increased its number of individual donors based on the numbers from the previous year.

At the end of the first year, all 15 participating UWC schools and colleges were successful in unlocking the matched funding, increasing the number of alumni, parents, friends and family donating by a fantastic 32%. In September 2017, Shelby Davis generously extended the Challenge to UWC Thailand and UWC ISAK Japan, bringing all 17 schools and colleges into the Challenge. 

All seven colleges that continued into the third year of the Challenge succeeded in unlocking a total of USD $3.6m of available funding. We are happy to announce that three of our schools and colleges (UWC Changshu China, UWC Costa Rica and UWC ISAK Japan) succeeded in securing the full eligible match of $1m in the third year of the Challenge. Especially commendable is UWC ISAK Japan’s completion of the Challenge in their first year of taking part. 

Overall, the seven colleges participating in the third year of the Challenge increased the number of alumni, parents, friends and family donating by an incredible 94%. All participating UWC schools and colleges saw an increase in their giving by alumni, and friends and family. The initiatives taken on by the colleges involved working with different constituents, and not only focusing on receiving funds but ensuring that those who did give to their college were involved in some or form. An example of this is UWC Changshu China’s work on creating opportunities for donors and individuals to feel further connected to the college and the UWC mission. 

Four schools and colleges (UWC Mahindra, Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong, UWC Red Cross Nordic and UWC Thailand) will now continue into the fourth year of the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge, leaving a total of USD $843,564 to be received. 

Over the course of the Challenge, a total of $16.1m in match funding for scholarships has been distributed across UWC schools and colleges. All match funding earned will be utilised to increase UWC’s scholarship provisions in line with our vision of providing financial assistance to every student based on their needs. 

Today all UWC schools and colleges will announce their individual results to their alumni and supporters and, together with UWC International, will launch a global campaign to ensure the Challenge continues to attract support from the UWC community.

Please join us by saying “Thanks a Million” to UWC Patron Shelby Davis who continues to support, challenge and inspire us with his love of UWC and his commitment to improving the world by empowering one change-maker at a time.

To learn more about the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge and how you can participate, please visit the campaign website at