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One Year of the UWC Hub

22 September 2017

UWC Celebrates the First Anniversary of the Launch of the UWC Hub

21 September 2017 marked the first anniversary of the UWC Hub as the platform for the UWC community to engage. Launched initially as a platform for alumni, students, staff and volunteers to share news, events and opportunities within the UWC movement, the UWC Hub has grown into a dynamic online community, with a global constituency that is reflective of the UWC movement itself.

“The Hub,” as it is lovingly called, was launched on UWC Day 2016 to great excitement: so much so, in fact, that the number of people signing up caused the site to crash. In its first day online, the Hub gained 1,500 users, with that number rising to over 3,000 within its first week, and 5,000 by week three.   

Early 2017 saw the launch of the UWC Hub mobile app, which not only made accessing the platform easier than ever, but also added a geolocation feature which allows users to find fellow UWCers wherever they go. Members of the UWC community (including, by March 2017, 10% of the total alumni population) continued to use the Hub as a place to share skills and stories - and as a way to connect with people while travelling. 

The number of users on the Hub experienced a great surge on UWC Day 2017, when the platform opened up for the first time to current UWC students in the IBDP years. As of 22 September 2017, there are 9,000 users on the Hub, and the community continues to grow. As the number of active Hub members increases, so does the Hub’s potential as a tool for building community within the UWC movement, as well as for furthering the UWC mission. With 2,187 users offering to host travellers, 2,659 users offering mentorship, and 3,361 offering skills and assistance to national committees, the Hub showcases the UWC community’s disposition to unite, and to help others.

Plans are also in place to expand the Hub to encompass other members of the UWC community, including UWC short course alumni. Watch this space!

If you are a current UWC student, staff member, volunteer or alumni of a UWC school or college, be sure to join the thousands of others on the UWC Hub today.