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-100 Days: the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge

5 June 2017

UWC is in year two of the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge: while nine UWC schools and colleges already claimed their $1m match, six have until 29 July 2017 to collect donations and unlock the remaining $4,1m...and they need your help!

UWC patron Shelby M C Davis launched the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge across the then 15 UWC schools and colleges in August 2015. This USD $15 million match-funding incentive was designed to encourage and increase donations from UWC alumni, parents and other UWC supporters. In fact, each of the participating UWC colleges will benefit from US $1 million in new funding provided they register an overall increase in the number of alumni, parents, friends and family making gifts.

The six participating UWC schools and colleges in year two are:

1. UWC Changshu China is the youngest participant in the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge with their first graduating class in June 2017. Currently 68% of the IB Diploma programme students at UWC Changshu China are offered various levels of scholarship. Through this challenge, UWC Changshu China is looking forward to increasing the financial support for more students like George Li from China, who did not have the opportunity to enjoy free public education.

Make a gift to UWC Changshu China

2. UWC Costa Rica just celebrated their 10th anniversary and started the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge with 100% participation from their Board members, inspiring and challenging others to follow suit. The spirit of community engagement, spurred by the challenge and Board members, has helped raise 147% more than in the previous year. Thanks to this increased support the college has already been able to offer financial support to more students. As UWC Costa Rica alumnus Fernando Tevez from El Salvador (2008-2010) says: ’’UWC Costa Rica made me realize that we are all part of the puzzle, no matter how small our contribution is. We are changing the world into a better place’’.

Make a gift to UWC Costa Rica

3. Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong is currently preparing for their 25th anniversary. The Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge has motivated alumni to create innovative fundraising campaigns. For instance, the class of 1996 launched their 20-Year Reunion Fundraising Initiative “Fundraising for Reconciliation – Sri Lanka” for two Sri Lankan students to study at LPC for two years.

Make a gift to UWC Li Po Chun

4. UWC Mahindra College is about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and is proud to have many alumni, like Mohammed from Sudan, living the UWC mission. He says: “At UWC Mahindra, I learnt about the many differences I have with my peers. My peers and I acknowledged those differences and talked comfortably about them. This tolerant and cultural understanding I saw in Mahindra is what makes me most hopeful about a world like today’s when fear and xenophobia is taking over our elite’’. UWC Mahindra is hoping to provide life-changing opportunities to many more students, like Mohammed through the increased support provided by the challenge.

Make a gift to UWC Mahindra College

5. UWC Red Cross Nordic is grateful to Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge, which allowed the college to expand the 'Foundation Year Programme', ensuring financial support to everyone demonstrating the need for the pre-IB year, such as Hari.

Make a gift to UWC Red Cross Nordic

6. Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa is proud of the three initiatives that were set up in response to the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge. Firstly, the Swaziland Stokvel, which was formed by UWC alumni based in Swaziland. The word “stokvel” originates from South Africa and it refers to a traditional community-based saving scheme. Waterford Kamhlaba UWC alumni have used it to refer to an educational trust that will support Swazi students in their pursuit of a UWC education. Another initiative is the Alumni Ave (“Alumni Avenue”), which started as a fundraising campaign for Waterford Kamhlaba UWC alumni around the concept of leaving a legacy behind and has developed a sense of ownership throughout the school to give back. Most importantly, both these initiatives will continue to help increase the number of scholarships provided by Waterford Kamhlaba UWC in the future. Currently, 29% of students at the school receive some form of financial support, at IB level this jumps to 50%. Waterford Kamhlaba UWC is confident that with the help of additional income the college will be able to provide some level of support for up to 75% of their scholars.

Make a gift to Waterford Kamhlaba UWC

Take the Challenge - make your donation of any size today and help your chosen UWC school or college to complete the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge!

Learn more about the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge and say ‘Thanks a million’ to Mr Shelby Davis:

For UK taxpayers: donate to your chosen UWC via UWC International website, more information HERE.

For USA taxpayers: donate to your chosen UWC via UWC-USA website, more information HERE.