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Join the Global Conversation on the Future of UWC Education

1 February 2019

UWC International is embarking on a journey to deeply examine the 'education' in UWC's mission "to make education a force". Together with staff, students and alumni from across the UWC movement, we want to understand whether UWC's current approach to education allows us to be as successful as we could be "to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future".

We are running a movement-wide process to gather feedback and ideas that can contribute to our thinking and design process. To help facilitate this information-gathering process, we have created a pack of workshop provocations available for download below. There are a range of activities and prompts to get you thinking about what a UWC education could look like, and useful thought exercises to do either individually or in a group (perhaps during a workshop with an alumni group at a university, or a dinner discussion with a few old UWC friends)! 

The information gathered, in all its different forms, will help shape the work done by a central team of Curriculum Leads who are working together to co-construct outcomes. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Rebecca Warren (Senior Education Project Coordinator, UWC International).