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UWC students working together

The very first edition of the UWC Global Video Ambassadors competition was launched this year.

The UWC Global Video Ambassadors competition put our student’s creativity to the test by  asking them to submit a maximum of 5 videos under 1 minute within these themes:

  • Inspire Change
  • An Event at your School
  • Present your College - to someone who’s never heard of it
  • Who is your Roommate?  

More than 60 videos were submitted and from those, 26 students have been selected to be UWC Global Video Ambassadors. From now on they’ll be working together on making videos at the different UWC schools and colleges:

UWC Adriatic

  • Celine (Italy)
  • Katie (USA)

UWC Atlantic College

  • Poonya (Thailand)
  • Yilin (China)

UWC Changshu China

  • Jullian (Madagascar)
  • Maria (Argentina)

UWC Costa Rica

  • Sean (Singapore)

UWC Dilijan

  • Lynn (Lebanon)
  • Uladzimir (Belarus)


  • Rinko (Japan)
  • Lucy (Canada) 

Li Po Chun UWC

  • Jane (Hong Kong)
  • Lina (Morocco) 

UWC Maastricht

  • Ping (Taiwan)

UWC Mahindra College

  • Ulyana (Belarus)

UWC Mostar

  • Leyi (China)

Pearson College UWC

  • Lena (Hong Kong/Canada)
  • Raihanah (Indonesia)

UWC Red Cross Nordic

  • Geireann (UK)
  • Liv (Canada)

UWC South East Asia

  • Ronit (Singapore)

UWC Thailand

  • Camilo (Spain)
  • Natalia 


  • Goldion (Indonesia)

Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA

  • Casey (Netherlands)
  • Lannon (Belize)

 The chosen Video Ambassadors will be responsible for recording and collecting recorded videos at their UWC school/college, and sharing them with their peers as well as the wider UWC community. They will be mentored by video professionals and guided on how to prepare their video portfolios.

You can see some of the videos submitted here:

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