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7 Weeks of Giving: Final Stretch

31 July 2018

Double the impact of your donation to UWC!

The Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge is an opportunity for UWC schools and colleges to qualify for match funding up to USD $1m. In order to be eligible for the match funding, each school or college must increase its total number of gifts from UWC parents, alumni, friends and family compared with the previous year. 

Over the last seven weeks we have been working alongside the seven UWC schools and colleges still participating in the Challenge to highlight the difference your donation can make in delivering the UWC experience to young people from around the world. Donations must be received by the relevant UWC schools or colleges by 31 July 2018 to be eligible for the current Challenge funding period - so now is your chance!

If the UWC school or college does not complete the Challenge before this date, donations will roll over to the next Challenge period.

UWC schools and colleges currently participating in the Challenge are:

You can visit each school or college's donation page to learn more about their activities and how far they have come on their journey with the Davis-UWC IMPACT Challenge. 

For further information on the Challenge itself, please click here or contact UWC International at