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Fiona Harris

16 May 2019

Office Administrator

Fiona is the Office Administrator at UWC International, where she started working in May 2019. Her role is to ensure that the UWC International Office has everything it needs to operate smoothly. Fiona’s role means that she is often the main point of contact for those that are new to UWC and wanting to know how to get involved in the UWC movement.

Fiona’s undergraduate degree was in International Relations and a year abroad in Hong Kong with a regional focus on China and Israel/Palestine and thematic focus on indigeneity and state control. The study abroad programme at the University of Hong Kong sparked her interest for China, its culture, history and politics. Fiona also did an internship for several months in Chengdu, China, with a charity supporting a government-run orphanage. In addition, Fiona has volunteered for refugee services in Leeds.


Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)20 7269 7800