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Hannah Tümpel

19 March 2017

Company Secretary

Hannah is UWC International's Director of Communications and Engagement, as well as UWC International’s Company Secretary. Hannah oversees UWC’s communication activities both with regard to external, as well as internal communications, alongside being in charge of UWC’s engagement and outreach work and all strategic partnerships. As Company Secretary Hannah works closely with the governance bodies of UWC.

By background, Hannah is a lawyer admitted to the bar in Germany, holds an MA in Mediation (Europa University Viadrina) and is an accredited mediator in Germany and the UK (CEDR). She is an alumna of UWC Adriatic in Italy (1996-1998) and since 1998 was a volunteer with UWC Germany - heading for numerous year the UWC Germany Alumni Association, as well as being a Board member of the UWC Germany foundation. Prior to joining UWC International, Hannah was Senior Counsel and Manager of the International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) working from ICC's headquarter in Paris. She has been invited to speak at conferences across the world on mediation and ADR, teaches mediation and ADR in Germany and France and is a member of the Independent Standards Commission of the International Mediation Institute, of the Mediation Committee of the International Bar Association and of the Advisory Board of the European Institute for Peace. In 2009, she was recognized by the International Board Association with an honorary mention as “Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year”.

Hannah Tümpel - Director of Communications and Engagement

Contact details

Skype: hannah.tumpel.uwcio
Phone: +44 (0)20 7269 7814

While working with ICC, she was responsible for the ICC International Mediation Competition - the world's biggest educational event in cross-border commercial mediation. Hannah has lived in Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal and the US and speaks English, French, Italian and her native German. Her passion to use education to create a more peaceful world and to teach students to celebrate the value of diversity gets her out of bed in the morning.

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