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Jasminka Bratić

16 June 2017

Council Member - Chair of UWC Mostar

During the Bosnian war Jasminka Bratić and her family were forced to leave Mostar and she spent four years in Germany as a refugee. Although many refugee families decided not to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war, she came back to Mostar in 1997. Jasminka studied law at Mostar University and then worked as Secretary of the Faculty of Economic Studies and as Head of Student Services. She is now the Assistant to the Minister of Justice in the Neretva Canton (Mostar), and highly supported the opening of the UWC in Mostar as Chair of the School Board of Gimnazija Mostar. She has extensive experience of the legal system in BiH from different standpoints and believes that education is crucial in peace-building, hence her involvement in educational initiatives.


“The residents of the city of Mostar, which was destroyed during the war, felt the negative consequences of the war, there were large numbers of refugees and separated families. UWC Mostar provides its citizens with a positive energy and mutual understanding. Through the College the common interests of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are discovered and prejudices overcome. The College’s emphasis on respecting of each other’s differences and being open to other cultures, creates a readiness for life in harmony and compromise.”