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Pär Stenbäck

18 July 2017

Chair of the Council

Pär Stenbäck was a Member of Parliament in Finland and served as Minister of Education and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He left politics in 1985 to become Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross, moving to Geneva as Secretary General of the Red Cross and Crescent International Federation, continuing as Secretary General for the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen.

After 1997 he has been a civil society actor in many different boards. He is a founding member of the International Youth Foundation, International Crisis Group, European Cultural Parliament and the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation. In addition, he continues to work in the ICTI Care Foundation, the Brazzaville Foundation and is Council Chair of UWC Red Cross Nordic and Vice Chair of the UWC International Council since 2014. He carries the honorary title ´Minister`, bestowed by the President of the Republic in 1999.


“The UWC Movement is an ideal family for those who believe in education as a force for peaceful change through offering ambitious students a path forward. We shall not foster elitism but promote social cohesion, we shall defend liberal democracy and advance humanitarian values rooted in most cultures.”