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Leon Toh

1 June 2017

Council Member

Leon Toh is the Executive Director of an impact investment company, Damson Capital in Singapore. He has dedicated his career to supporting social entrepreneurs seeking to create sustained positive change through enterprise. Damson focuses on the social impact investments, enterprise development and impact innovation within Asia. Concurrently, Leon serves on the Board for a Renewable Energy company in Sri Lanka, supporting small and marginalized farmers. Previously, Leon was a Management Consultant with Accenture and a petrochemical price reporter with the Independent Chemical Information Service (ICIS). On the personal front, he serves on the Board of the World Toilet Organisation, focusing on Water & Sanitation issues in Asia and advises a number of other Education & Environmental non-profits. Being a proud UWC graduate from UWC Adriatic, Leon serves on the UWC Council and as Chairman of the UWC National Committee of Singapore, selecting young Singaporean Change-makers for the wider UWC network.


“My UWC experience opened my mind to a world of endless potential, diversity and optimism. As a UWC student, I was constantly challenged to stand up and actively engage to make a difference collectively. Today, I continue to witness how the UWC education inspires, empowers and transforms purpose driven learners. The strong passion for making a positive impact on everything they do; that is the hallmark of a UWC student.”  

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