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Eva Eschenbruch

14 July 2017

Chair of the Committee of the National Committees (CNC)

Eva was the founding Managing Director for UWC Robert Bosch College and is currently the College's General Secretary. She has also worked in a professional capacity for the UWC German National Committee. During her time with the UWC German National Committee, Eva has been involved in strengthening the national committees within UWC governance, which involved her successfully lobbying for board seats for national committee members. As the elected Chair of the newly established CNC, the Committee of the National Committees, she acts as a facilitator integrating the needs and interests of national committees. Before joining UWC professionally, Eva trained army officers and high school students in political debate, advised how to communicate on nuclear waste management across Europe and campaigned for young people to shape society. Eva is an alumna of UWC Adriatic. The people she met in Duino still inspire her in a way that makes giving back to UWC a must. Eva lives with her family in Berlin, Germany. 



"What I love about UWC are the people. I feel enriched by students, alums, faculty and friends of UWC. Having a conversation with current UWC students almost always impresses me. Many of my UWC friends have inspired me with the choices in their lives – may it be the lawyer fighting corruption, the human rights activist, the high school teacher or the physician. And I very much value the enthusiasm and discipline of the volunteers driving the national committee system, finding and choosing these wonderful students year after year."