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Angelique Paulussen

18 July 2017

Council member - Chair of UWC Maastricht

Angelique is a Dutch national, who now lives in Maastricht. She studied law at the University of Nijmegen and attained her Master’s degree in Brussels. Her career started in London as Legal Adviser for the record industry. In 1988 she moved back to the Netherlands to work for Royal Philips Electronics, ASML and Royal DSM, respectively. In her latest role she was SVP Communications and Branding. After retiring from this role in 2019, she took up several Non-Executive Board memberships. Angelique has one daughter who is an alumna of UWC Maastricht and as a parent Angelique has been active as member and Chair of the Participation Council of the school. She joined the Board of the school in February 2020 and has become Chair of the Board in January 2022. 


"I really believe education is a powerful tool to change the world for the better. I am pleased to be part of the UWC movement, whose mission is to do just that!"