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Alexandra Zografou

19 July 2017

Council Member

Alexandra Zografou is a Greek-born Madrid-based digital project manager, specializing in online product design and development, and the Manager of the MVDM Mentor Program at IE Business School. Alexandra has consulted and managed a variety of projects in the field of executive education, lifelong learning, and learning innovation, having worked with world-renowned universities and European NGOs. Currently, she is working on a number of youth training and arts & humanities initiatives, while exploring her research interests on a diverse spectrum of areas, such as mentoring, digital humanities, and visual grammar in design.


"I have always seen education as a route to intercultural understanding and, thus, a force for peace in a globalized world. Finding myself in an utterly diverse environment such as the UWC International Council and having the opportunity to contribute to the learning experience of young adults and empower them to bring about positive change in the world is an honor and a responsibility I cannot wait to assume."