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United in Purpose: Maintaining Synergy and Momentum in the UWC Movement

14 February 2024

Friday, 1 March 2024

The second plenary session of the 2024 UWC International Congress directs the attention of the UWC movement towards the critical role of our 18 schools and colleges and more than 155 national committees in advancing the UWC mission around the world. With the theme, United in Purpose: Maintaining Synergy and Momentum in the UWC Movement, this session draws insights from the unique perspectives of UWC school heads, UWC National Committee volunteers and students to strengthen our commitment to working collaboratively for a shared purpose.

How do UWC schools and colleges build and maintain cohesive and integrated communities particularly during times of global unease? How do UWC school leaders and their staff balance competing priorities and manage multiple stakeholder relationships while maintaining the welfare of their communities? How do national committee volunteers experience joy and a great sense of purpose through extending opportunities to promising students from underserved communities across the world? And how do UWC students imbibe the UWC values and experience the UWC mission as part of multicultural learning communities? 

Join Dr Victoria Mora, President of UWC-USA and Vice Chair of the UWC International Board; Ceci Egan, volunteer with the UWC Venezuela national committee and member of the Committee of National Committees; and Khayalethu Mlotshwa, a UWC Robert Bosch College student from eSwatini in a session moderated by Dr Quique Bassat, Chair of the UWC International Council.


Dr Quique Bassat, Chair of the UWC International Council (UWC Atlantic 1991-1993)

Dr Quique Bassat studied medicine in Barcelona and became a paediatrician, with a focus on child infections and global health. He moved to Mozambique where he conducted research on malaria and other poverty related diseases. He has remained deeply involved in the UWC movement, not only as part of the Spanish National Committee and has contributed to the selection of students from nine countries. Quique was voted Chair of the UWC Council in 2019 and his term started in 2020.

Ceci Egan, Member of UWC Venezuela National Committee & UWC International Board (UWC Adriatic, 1995-1997)

Ceci Egan, with a background in Literature and Applied Linguistics has taught at both high school and university levels before transitioning to freelance editing and translating. Ceci has been actively involved with the Venezuelan UWC National Committee for over 25 years. With a passion for strengthening multicultural communication, Ceci joined the UWC International Board in January 2024, continuing her commitment to fostering understanding across diverse communities.

Khayalethu Mlotshwa, (eSwatini, UWC Robert Bosch College, 2022-2024)

Khayalethu Mlotshwa, nominated by the Eswatini National Committee, attends UWC Robert Bosch College (UWC RBC). Previously at St Mark's High School in Mbabane and is now a second-year student pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Alongside his studies, Khayalethu actively contributes to the UWC RBC community as a peer supporter and recently led a project week named “Serve the City” in Brussels. During this project, he and his group dedicated over 20 hours to volunteering at a humanitarian hub with the Red Cross.

Dr Victoria Mora, President of UWC-USA & Vice Chair of the UWC International Board

Dr Victoria Mora, UWC-USA's fifth president, experienced the transformative impact of the UWC model through her child's education in Montezuma. Hailing from a large New Mexico family, she overcame socio-economic barriers to pursue higher education at the University of New Mexico and Yale University, where she earned her Ph.D. Returning to New Mexico, she held various roles at St. John's College, including Dean and Vice President, before assuming the presidency of UWC-USA in 2016.