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Plenary: Leadership for a Rapidly Changing World

5 February 2024

Thursday, 8 February 2024

Join our third and final pre-Congress plenary session on Thursday, 8 February via the livestream below.

In a rapidly changing world, we are reminded that the future is not fixed; we have the agency to shape the world through our actions or inactions, knowing that the world’s greatest challenges will only be addressed through unprecedented leadership, solidarity and collaboration. Therefore, how should education systems evolve in order to equip future generations with the required skills, competencies and adaptive strengths to shape the future and lead purposefully in an ever-changing world? 


Dr Guido Schmidt-Traub

Dr. Guido Schmidt-Traub, Managing Partner at SYSTEMIQ Ltd. specialises in natural climate solutions, biodiversity, sustainable finance and policy.

Formerly the Executive Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, he played a key role in shaping decarbonisation pathways for G20 nations and has extensive experience advising governments globally on development strategies and financing frameworks.


Abby Falik

Abby Falik, an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary, founded Global Citizen Year: an acclaimed Fellowship that helps young leaders find their purpose and power to drive real change.

Currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Emerson Collective, she is working on transforming how young people learn and lead, including writing a book and launching a movement to make a Purpose Year after high school globally accessible.


Ryan Findley

Ryan Findley, currently the Chief Learning Officer at Learn to Win, is a strategist, product leader and designer with a background in education. He previously served as the Chief Product Officer of African Leadership University and actively contributes to Evergreen AI, focusing on how AI can shape schools, pedagogy and learning.


Ivana Situm

With two decades of experience collaborating with global NGOs and organisations such as World Affairs Council and Asia Society, Ivana Situm is dedicated to building strategic partnerships for empowering women and youth globally.

A Croatian with a Masters Degree in International Relations, she now resides in Finland where she is working on her start-up, Facts on the Ground (FOG), aimed at improving media monitoring and promoting diverse news consumption.