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Chulu Chansa

6 July 2017

Council Member - Committee of the National Committees (CNC)


Chulu Chansa is an UWC Atlantic College alumna (2002-2004) with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Connecticut College. She is currently based in her home country of Zambia. Chulu works at an international IB school as an administrator and is the proprietor of a wedding cake company. She has been a member of the Zambia National Committee since 2016. She is currently coordinating the first UWC Short Course in Zambia.

Chulu has a colourful work history from managing a chain of hotels to working in an advertising company, in addition to a mining related company. This culminates in 9 years’ experience in administration. In her free time she pursuits her passion for the arts.


“I volunteer with UWC because change begins with just one person. UWC is a melting pot of all these brilliant, energized, young minds experiencing each other’s different cultures, ideologies and beliefs. Therefore, if all it takes is one person to start a revolution in their community, wherever it may be in the world, I am proud to assist these individuals on their journeys.”

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