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Cecilia Egan

29 June 2018

Board Member - Committee of National Committees (CNC)

Cecilia has a background in Literature and Applied Linguistics. She has taught in high school and university and is currently a freelance editor and translator. She is also a trained chef, an interest born in her residence kitchen at UWC Adriatic (1995-1997) under the influence of so many international teachers and friends.

She has been a member of the Venezuelan National Committee for over 25 years and has also helped the Philippines National Committee and the Global Selection Programme.

In the past 12 years, Cecilia has also volunteered working with underprivileged and refugee communities in Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. 

Having lived in 8 countries across 3 continents, navigating cultural differences and strengthening multicultural communication remain her passion and lifelong commitment.


“Education is at the core of pressing issues of our time − peace, equity, sustainability. Working for UWC is my way to contribute to positive change, and to give back to a movement that provided me with a unique experience and lifelong friends. I am as committed to the UWC ideals as when I was selected almost 30 years ago!”