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10 June 2022

By ARDEI Committee Member Tamaisha Eytle

The success of Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ARDEI) work at UWC necessitates that each campus not only has champions for ARDEI, but that they are also equipped with the right tools and a supportive community. Recently, the ARDEI Committee held a virtual cross-campus workshop. This was designed to create a platform to both foster conversations regarding ARDEI across UWC campuses, and build rapport among ARDEI leads. The creation of this community is vital to the sustainability of ARDEI work at UWC, as it often involves difficult conversations and situations, which can feel isolating at times. However, this workshop demonstrated not just the interest on campuses for ARDEI work, but also the commitment to doing what needs to be done. It helped to both affirm the goals, and better define the path, for the ARDEI Steering Committee. 

So, what’s coming next for ARDEI work at UWC?

  • More Workshops! - We are developing a sustainable structure to ensure that cross-campus collaborations continue
  • A Resource Bank - Continuous learning and training is key on the topic of ARDEI. We are looking at creating a resource bank to support the work of ARDEI leads on campus and the movement as a whole
  • Campus Highlights - Campuses are making great strides in their work on ARDEI and this needs to be celebrated and shared