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11 June 2019
RSAcademics-UWC Scholarship Programme

Founded by Russell Speirs, RSAcademics is an educational consultancy specialising in private schools worldwide and supporting them in marketing, research and strategic planning and the search and selection, coaching and development of school leaders and senior staff. Since its foundation in 2002, RSAcademics has worked with over 700 leading schools. The company is known for the calibre and spirit of its people.

RSAcademics has harboured an ambition to do more to support children who are unable to benefit from the best education and in 2019 launched its own programme of philanthropic activity. One of the company’s initiatives is to provide scholarships to children from an underprivileged background, so together with UWC International has created the RSAcademics-UWC Scholarship Programme which, on an ongoing basis, will support a student (selected by the Great Britain National Committee and if possible from the East Midlands region of England where RSAcademics has its HQ) to attend one of the 18 UWC schools and colleges.