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For over 50 years, UWC has successfully brought  together people from across nations, cultures and socio-economic divides to teach them the skills of making peace. By doing so, UWC has become a symbol and lighthouse for an education that embraces diversity and intercultural dialogue.

In a world which is in need of more people who are able to build bridges, UWC is keen to reach out to many communities and to share our experience, know-how and expertise. We want to equip more people and organisations with the values and skills needed to work for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

UWC works together with other organisations in the educational field and beyond to establish educational programs based on the UWC Educational Model. UWC features in public debate, often alongside our strategic partners within the global educational discourse, in order to influence education systems around the world. UWC takes part in events and discussions around strengthening education for peace.

Below you can find a list of upcoming conferences and events where representatives of UWC will be sharing the work that we do. 


Each year, UWC is present at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford to share its work with social entrepreneurs from around the world.

If you would like a representative of UWC to speak at an event you are running, please contact us on