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Connecting with the Mediterranean / Lebanon

18 July 2018

8 July 2018 - 18 July 2018

Connecting with the Mediterranean is a UWC Short Course offered for the first time this year by the Lebanese UWC National Committee. The mission of this programme is: 

  • To encourage participants' self-development lebanonthrough workshops exploring questions of identity and culture.
  • To gain more awareness of some of the most relevant issues facing us today, both with a regional focus (conflict, migration) and global focus (conflict, competition for resources, sustainable development), as well as a focus on technology and the future.
  • To build regional connections amongst youth and learn to help create inclusive communities.
  • To be introduced to the culture and complexities of Lebanon through specialized interventions, workshops and guided visits. 
  • To empower participants with guidance on the creation of their own projects.

lebanon studentsCost: US $600 for UWC national committee-introduced international participants; US $700 for non-subsidised students from Lebanon
Scholarship Availability: A limited number of course fee waivers will be available for low-income and refugee participants from Lebanon (to be distributed on the basis of need)
Location: American University of Beirut campus, Beirut
Age Range: 15-18 years 
Dates: July 8-18, 2018


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