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Sharon Lacoste McDonagh

24 March 2017

Film, Visual Arts, Theory of Knowledge (ToK), UWC ISAK Japan

Sharon Lacoste McDonagh is a self-described global nomad. Her parents’ careers brought her to live in Zambia, England, Egypt, Ethiopia and finally Sweden where she graduated from Stockholm University. As an adult Sharon has lived in Egypt (again), Ecuador, Canada, Turkey, Hong Kong and now Japan. Before becoming a teacher she worked for many years balancing projects between two of her great passions, film and SCUBA diving. When not working as an Art Director on a film project, she could be found hovering quietly in the Red Sea taking people on adventures into the blue. She has taught Film, Art and ToK for the past several years with the aim to guide students towards their individual voices and to enable them to express their ideas in a framework that is persuasive as well as aware. She enjoys the collaborative learning process that teaching brings and the platform it offers students to develop into independent thinkers who understand the purpose and value of their learning. Sharon is also involved with workshop and curriculum development for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and is passionate about developing an educational framework where there is balanced collaboration between the teacher and the student that is engaging, meaningful and often fun.


“I believe that education is the greatest gift and we are only as good as the next generation we educate. What better place to be than UWC - an environment where all members of the community are invested in that endeavor?”