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Karam AL Hamo

27 March 2017

Administrator - UWC Syria

The aspiration to take part in providing a better future for younger generations coupled with the urge not to stand aside while his homeland was being destroyed pushed Karam to volunteer. After being told about it by a friend, who was a member of the Syrian National Committee, he joined in mid-2013 assuming different roles.

He has participated in selections in several cycles being head of selections subcommittee in one year, interviews manager in the current one, and an assessor more than once. He is currently participating in the Students’ Affairs Management team, is short courses admissions coordinator, and is official email officer. Karam was also a member of the three-member-committee that drafted the Committee’s constitution.

After having studied civil engineering in Syria he worked with refugees for a year with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, after which he moved to Germany to complete a master’s in urban planning. His thesis topic was on the integration of refugees in an attempt to combine his studies with his previous work experience. He is currently engaged in other volunteer work with different initiatives and is eager to start a career in Germany.


“What started as volunteer work ended up being the most important work I do in my life as it encompasses all the important issues for me be them promotion of peace, emphasis on diversity, or the aim of achieving a sustainable future for everyone.”

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