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Djordje Hinic

27 March 2017

Administrator - UWC Serbia

Since he was a kid, Djordje has dreamt big dreams, traveling around the world and having friends from all backgrounds, colors and shades. Always trying to push himself through challenges and seize the lessons. Having heard about UWC he dreamt of attending himself and found that his experience exceeded even his highest expectations.

Djordje is a UWC Mostar alumnus (2007-2009) and the University of Richmond. He currently manages R&D projects for a Norwegian start-up company and balances his time between Oslo and Belgrade.

When asked why he volunteers for the national committee he replied:


“I think that the moment one steps into a UWC one must officially make a pledge. One must acknowledge that she/he is among the few privileged people who, based on the unique experience they will receive, will dedicate any resource they can - time, finances, connections - as they move forward, to reciprocate to the organization and live the mission”.

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