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Leonoor Cornelissen

27 March 2017

Advisory Member - UWC DRC

When Leonoor moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015 for her work with Médecins sans Frontières, she immediately checked if there was a National Committee to volunteer with. Unfortunately this did not yet exist. When Carmen Stone (UWC USA) then pitched some ideas about setting up a NC in the DRC a few months later she was little apprehensive at first due to logistical barriers and the lack of Congolese alumni, however, after few brainstorming sessions with inspiring individuals, such as Per-Erik, father of UWC Red Cross Nordic Alumni, and Mustu, UWC-USA alum living in Kinshasa, and they quickly realized that this was worth pursuing.

Leonoor works for MSF (Doctors without Borders) as a Humanitarian Affairs Officer and ecently spent ten months in the Democratic Republic of Congo but is currently preparing to leave for a mission on the Uganda/South Sudan border for a refugee emergency project. She will remainder a member of the national committee in an advisory capacity.


“There is perhaps nothing more reassuring than reading an essay by a 16-year-old idealist, proposing ideas for a peaceful Congo. It is a privilege to contribute to their journey”

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