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Joannie Bewa

27 March 2017

Chair - UWC Benin

Joannie BEWA got involved in UWC in 2015. Having benefited herself from various scholarship and global opportunities, she decided to volunteer with UWC and bring this opportunity in her country Benin. Joannie is a physician, a researcher and a global activist. She is from Benin and have over 10 years of experience in managing organizations. She decided to set up a national committee to offer educational opportunities to Benin students.

As the current national coordinator of the UWC Benin National Chapter, she coordinates the activities of the chapter and supports recruitment and logistic volunteers to reach their goal. She is currently assisted by two amazing volunteers Virginie Bulu (Recruitment process) and Theodore Tchezounme (Operations and Logistic). She believes that Global education serves as a platform to create a generation of open minded, tolerant people who can impact the world and reduce inequalities. This is the reason why she joined UWC, to contribute to build a nation and a world where everyone potential are fulfilled and where each of us can promote mutual understanding.

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