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30 March 2017
AMAN-UWC Scholars Program

Jointly developed by the AMAN Foundation and UWC in 2014, the AMAN-UWC Scholars Program aims to provide 100 scholarships to Pakistani students from underprivileged communities over a five year period. Each year, ten or more need-based scholarships are funded by UWC. The AMAN Foundation is funding an additional ten full scholarships for young people from Karachi, with a focus on maximising opportunities for female candidates. Its founders Arif Naqvi and Fayeeza Naqvi hope to make a lasting impact on Pakistani society by educating a new generation of leaders who can contribute to the future peace and prosperity of their nation.

This quote from an AMAN Foundation-UWC scholar who recently graduated from UWC Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, sums up perfectly the uniqueness of a the scholars’ experience at a UWC:


''... It is not life of an individual that you have changed but this light will spread to many more. The mission I am undertaking for my life, for which I am studying and equally preparing myself in all aspects, I will be able to help many and contribute towards a positive change in society. I hope I make it there and get the right environment to achieve my dream of spreading education, work of social welfare and change. This dream wasn’t possible without the opportunity to study in UWC. Thank you so much for giving me dreams and mission.''