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Short Course Facilitator

3 March 2020

UWC Short Course "Transforming Identity"



Facilitator Application: UWC Short Course "Transforming Identity"

This short course runs from July 29th to August 9th. For more info see:

8 facilitators and 2 organisers will run this UWC Short Course. Facilitators will be in the foreground, making the course a reality.

We are accepting facilitators on a rolling basis until the final deadline, March 15th. There is no age requirement for facilitators.

As a facilitators you will:

  • Be in Kastoriá before the course starts, from July 25th to August 9th 2020
  • Help design the activities that make up this short course.
  • Run these activities. e.g. lead workshops, guide discussions, run simulations.
  • Work in a team and support activities led by other facilitators, and also be completely off-duty at times.
  • Meet daily with an ‘umbrella group’ of eight participants, together with another facilitator.
  • Be fed and housed for free. Travel will be covered based on demonstrated need.

Please find the application form here.