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Director of Student Life (m / f / d)

28 September 2023

UWC Robert Bosch College

UWC Robert Bosch College Vacancy for August 2024

UWC Robert Bosch College Freiburg seeks dedicated and inspired educators who are committed to the intellectual, social, and ethical development of students. UWC Robert Bosch College values candidates who are drawn to the particular educational experience of the United World Colleges, and to UWC Robert Bosch College’s unique mission within the movement.

UWC Robert Bosch College (RBC) seeks to appoint a

Director of Student Life (m / f / d)

with effect from 1st August 2024, who can take over leadership of the overall supervision of the co-curricular programme at the College and the pastoral care of students, which includes their welfare and safety.

General Responsibilities

  • To remain abreast of developments in education, and to liaise with the Rektor and the relevant teachers in promoting and implementing, as appropriate, relevant areas of current research in learning and pastoral care
  • To contribute to the review and development of College policies, and to implement them as required
  • To assist in the selection of teachers, and to attend interviews and contribute to the interviewing process as requested by the Rektor
  • As a Senior Administrator to act as a role model for teachers and students and to provide effective leadership within the school
  • To support, and be present, at College functions/events as requested by the Rektor
  • To act as a representative of the College at any meetings and conferences at the request of the Rektor
  • To represent the office of Rektor, as required, during any period of their absence
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead / Child Protection Officer
  • Member of the Management Team of the school

Specific responsibilities

  • To advise and liaise with the Rektor on all matters relating to the administration and delivery of the ‘student life’ curriculum i.e. the co-curricular programme of the College, including residential life
  • To identify any areas of concern within the ‘student life’ portfolio at the College and to take effective measures to resolve them
  • Implementation and monitoring of the UWC Code of Common Conduct, including administration of disciplinary procedures. To ensure consistent approaches to College expectations among Personal and House Tutors. Keep records of students’ failures to meet college expectations and to liaise with Personal Tutors, House Tutors, Director of Studies, Rektor, National Committees and parents/guardians as required
  • Coordination of Personal Tutors and identification of areas for pastoral care professional development for staff
  • Coordination of boarding facilities in consultation with the House Tutors and the maintenance team, including the opening and closing of residences. To ensure that all House Tutors comply with health, safety and fire regulations
  • To contribute to the construction and operation of the College calendar
  • Student Orientation – to prepare and coordinate with staff and students the Student Orientation programme.
  • Arrivals and Departures – To coordinate arrivals and departures of students at the beginning and end of term, including early / late arrivals
  • Project Weeks – to oversee and coordinate Project Week activities to ensure a balanced programme and respect of College expectations
  • To produce the Check-In/House Tutor WE Duty/Management Team on Duty schedule
  • To liaise with the Catering Manager with regards to all matters concerning provision of meals for the student body
  • Health and Well-Being Team coordination and management of the Nurses, Counsellors, Social Pedagogues, SEN coordinator and Director of Studies, to ensure effective health and well-being provisions that meets the needs of all students and chair weekly meetings of the Health and Well-Being Team
  • Host Family Programme – to oversee and coordinate the Host Family Programme in cooperation with the Gastfamilien Team
  • Line manager of House Tutors, Personal Tutors, Nurses, Counsellors, Social Pedagogues, Student Secretary and CAS Coordinator
  • Understanding of budget planning and management for student activities
  • Coordination of College Jobs / monitoring student engagement

Indirect responsibilities

  • Student initiatives
  • Student participation in events outside the College
  • Teaching up to two classes and Tutorial Role
  • House Tutor or willingness to serve as a House Tutor as required
  • Supervisor of CAS activities

Desired Qualifications

  • Significant experience and stature in the field of education, experience in leadership
  • International in outlook with experience in diverse cultures
  • Significant experience in the field of Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Experience and knowledge of best practices in residential life / pastoral care
  • Three or more years of successful teaching in a (multicultural) boarding school
  • Strong identification with the vision, mission and values of RBC and ability to articulate and translate them in strategic and day to day implementation of programs
  • Knowledge of best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion and the requisite skillfulness to support student and staff growth in this area
  • General familiarity with relevant laws and regulations that govern educational institutions
  • Proficiency of English and German language
  • Ability to use good judgment in establishing priorities and assessing and engaging difficult situations
  • Empathetic leadership style; open, accessible, and collaborative
  • Outstanding organization and communication skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Interested applicants should send the following documents by Friday 27th October 2023 to
  • CV
  • brief cover letter
  • contact information for three referees
  • a succinct statement of commitment to the UWC mission of peace and sustainability